That's why we need to leave.

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Hurry up, Jarmo.

It was foolish of you to accept his offer.

It's possible, though rare, for humans to catch diseases from animals.

The child was constantly interrupting her mother's conversation.

I'll give him this message the moment he arrives.

Spike wrote a very detailed report.

Do you often hear from him?

Where's the guy who beat him?

Her hands were cold.


Halting the decline of the planet's ecosystems may be the most difficult challenge humanity has ever faced.


Steve seems to think so.

He suggested that I write to her at once.

And then something amazing happened.

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Yes, please.

The story brought tears to her eyes.

I'm glad you decided to come.

Where does that leave us?

Let's not waste any more time on this.

Siberian night is very long.

Let's let the boy try.


Most of our employees are young.

One thousand buildings lay in ruins.

He was handsome and only forty-three years old.


You don't need to know who told me.

What're you trying to do?

I like this game.

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Is this ticket good for this bus?

You're not supposed to do that.

The party is just beginning.

Maybe you shouldn't eat that.

Jarmo has a lot of potential.


I had a nightmare.

It was a very traditional ceremony.

Wayne isn't as tough as he looks.

They have nan.

Please reply by return.

All we can do is to wait for him.

One of the best ways to amp up your libido is to work on your health first.

Joel has only ever had one boyfriend.

You were incompetent.

When I visited their apartment, the couple was right in the middle of an argument.

What happened in the park?

Do you want me to tell her?

He is an expert in economics.


You are more beautiful than any woman I've ever known.

I think you saw something.

It's so bitter.

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Why were you keeping it a secret from me?

They live in a sunny house.

The child crashed his model train into his sister's dollhouse.

He withdrew his hand from the table.

Making good grades requires studying hard.


Pete thought he'd broken a bone in his foot, but an X-ray showed that he hadn't.

Shun will take over my job while I'm away.

I was caught in a shower on the way.

This is our friend Arthur.

The sun is the king of the sky, the moon is the queen of the stars.

Only you can save me.

His daughter is eager to go with him anywhere.

Price said he could fix it.

I'll write to Nathaniel again.

If the statement is incontrovertible, why are we arguing about it?

All at once, he spoke out.

I only went to the party to fulfill my societal obligations.

I am limping along.

Phillip is very hard-working.

I just can't resist chocolate.

Franklin used to play the guitar.

The mother told the girl that she shouldn't fall by the wayside.

I haven't smoked for ages.

Which subject do you like the most?


I could not get out of the stadium because of the crowd.

We have to get up early tomorrow morning.

I'm certain that if you work hard you will succeed.

We should remain quiet.

I want what's best for him.

I'm killing myself to meet the deadline.

You go to school.

I really hope you're kidding.

I don't like people staring at me.

We're definitely going to miss Damone.

This is strange.

Will she still remember in some years' time what I've promised her?

You absolutely may not cut pictures out of the books on the bookcase.


May I leave a message?

My grandma's skin seemed like paper.

We sang in loud voices.

Why did you say yes?

Tigger hasn't been around today.

It was lots of fun.

Do you like this blouse?

Carrefour's Ham offcuts are not expensive at all, but are nonetheless delicious.

Stay here with me.

I was going over Suu's file.

Few people expected him to win.

Butler saw a snake.

Corsica has some very picturesque landscapes.


If not for the ozone layer, we would be in imminent danger.


You may stay here as long as you keep quiet.


I'll make an effort to complete the work today.

She swam across the wide river.

Why did he ask for so much money?

I find it difficult to go to the gym at the end of a long day.

Cuzco lies about 3,500 meters above sea level, and you can still see many Incas there.

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I never even saw it.

Ssi did a great job here.

What did the businessman say when he invented the zip-fastener?

Who's that?

Is it true that Pilot has a twin?


Oh, let me show you.

That's what I call a self-evident proposition, as the dog's-meat man said, when the housemaid told him he warn't a gentleman.

Pedro motioned for Ahmed to follow.


In 1905 Einstein wrote a paper on what is now known as the special theory of relativity.

We haven't seen much of Edmond since Shane committed suicide.

You should have rejected him right from the start instead of leading him on.

We must preserve our peaceful constitution.

There are few places downtown for parking, which is a serious problem.

If you say that to your mother, she'll kill you!

Why did you open your mailbox?


Thank you for the suggestion.

Where did the Olympic Games originate?

Every citizen has a security number.


The attractiveness of his charisma made other people listen.


I'm very frightened.

I'm sorry, I don't mean to pry.

We have to stay calm.


If you think that this is going to be easy, you're wrong.


In summer, they used to play on the beach all day long.

Angela committed suicide because he was bullied at school.

Is it true that you came by plane?

Are you agreeable to our plan?

She had to take matters into her own hands.

She beguiled me of my money.

He dedicated his life to helping the poor.

I play with Rubik's cube, not with Ruby's ass!

What have you done to my computer?

Are we able to prevent disease?

I bought this outright.

You shouldn't be impatient with children.

We shouted in order to warn everyone of the danger.

Jeannette likes to talk about himself.

Thank you very much for sending me such a nice present.

Everyone knows that it wasn't your fault.

Scientists long ago ceased to believe that the atom is the smallest unit of matter.

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Slaves were not allowed to speak their own languages to prevent any trouble.


Would you like to go swimming with us?

Charlemagne was crowned by the Pope.

Betty says he'll think about it.

He asked a question in class.

Steel is quenched in cold water after having been tempered by heating.

What should we do if Mom didn't give us money?

You love him, don't you?

I know about you and him.

Christopher Columbus's happy meal toy was a limited edition clumsy noob waiter toy that whenever is set to walk, trips and falls on its face.

Mr. Jackson has recently transferred to Tokyo from Los Angeles.

It isn't important.

Take this medicine in case you get sick.

Could you please call him into the meeting?

I'm staying with him.

Have you seen him so often these days?

They're probably drunk.

I think I was wrong.


"What kind of girls do you like the most?" "The kind who love me."

He plays the piano for his own amusement.

Today, many people receive higher education.

She looks like her aunt.

She bought a nice toy for her child.


Have you tried talking with Derek?


Vivek is looking right at you.